Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Nobel Do-Nothing Prize Round-Up

Sultan Knish has absolutely the best and most comprehensive round-up of commentary on Obama's "win" of the Nobel Peace Prize. He sums things up pretty well with this comment:

The media will back off a bit, but you can't take back ridicule. Obama has never been ridiculed like this by his biggest backers. The only thing he can do to save himself from Jimmy Carterdom is to decline the award. But if he fails to do that, he's screwed.

During the 2008 campaign, it seemed Obama had momentum that could not be stopped (in great part because of the media and the many people who voted for him knowing nothing about him). Now it seems like the Obama Administration's momentum is one giant snowball heading for disaster. Of course I do not want many of his domestic policy goals to come to fruition - but his complete level of failure (coupled with an even greater lack of actual accomplishment) is disturbing. Not even a year into his term, Obama was essentially declared an empty suit yesterday by many media outlets, and at this critical time America cannot afford to have a President who is just a pretty face.