Thursday, 1 October 2009

Let your kids be kids....please....

Debbie Schlussel has a little write-up and photos of Suri Cruise parading around town in silver, open-toed high heels. Schlussel asks: Is it just me . . . or is there something very wrong about a three-year-old regularly wearing high heels (and I’m not talking wearing Mommy’s shoes for “dress-up”)?

No Debbie, it is not just you. Will anyone let their kid actually be a kid anymore? SMW loves fashion - for grown ups - kids should be able to run around without being dressed like "women" and having to worry about breaking their ankle. This is just another example of the selfish parent generation. People don't want kids - they want little friends, little companions. When I was young I listened to Sharon, Lois & Bram and watched The Little Mermaid. Did my parents like listening to me sing along to "Fish & Chips & Vinegar?" Probably not, but they listened to it anyway because they wanted me to be a kid. Did my dad love watching The Little Mermaid in the theatre with me SEVEN times? (ok I was spoiled a little) I doubt it - but he did it because he loved me. Parents today let their kids watch CSI because they are too selfish to change the channel. I was shocked a few months ago when a friend's six year old started singing along to Lady Gaga when she came on the radio.

Pleaaaaase people, let your kids be kids. You will not regret it.