Thursday, 1 October 2009

Iran trying to smuggle nuclear paraphernalia through Canada

From The National Post (SMW added bold):

In another case, he said a company had imported a shipment of costly high-pressure pipes into British Columbia from Texas, claiming they were for refurbishing steam engines.
"But Texas being close to Mexico, our drug team was totally convinced the piping was stuffed with drugs," Mr. Webb said.
A CBSA intelligence officer followed the shipment from the port of Vancouver to a storage locker in the suburb of Richmond.
"Inside the u-rental place was a 20-foot sea container, which was really strange. So now he calls, panics, and we set up surveillance and see what the heck is going on," Mr. Webb said.
The CBSA obtained a warrant to search the company that was shipping the pipes and made arrests but the suspects quickly disappeared. "
It turns out that they were in fact Iranian," he said, adding such piping is used "in the whole nuclear process."
He said the procurement rings operating in Canada were a mix of entrepreneurs and state-sponsored cells that operate through front companies.

According to the article the latest seizure of illicit stuff bound for Iran was just last week. SMW hopes the CBSA nails these front companies and "entrepeneurs" to the wall.