Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Awesome Awesomeness: Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn Testify before Canadian Parliament's Justice and Human Rights Committee

These are must watch videos no matter where you live. Must watch.

I was trying to transcribe the best parts but it is all too good - this needs to be seen. I am posting the first three.....you can see much more at Ezra Levant's website.

There is some French in this third clip with no translation given - but here is SMW's "essential" translation of the 2 questions posed in French:

First question which Ezra Levant answers: Basically Levant was asked if Section 13 was in fact struck down by a recent decision or if it was said that Section 13 was believed to be unconstitutional.

Second question which Mark Steyn answers: Do you think the problem is Section 13, or is it just the CHRC and the way Section 13 is enforced? Do you really believe Section 13 is part of the problem?


Update: BlazingCatFur has his testify song up, and he inspired SMW to post her favourite "testifying song" too.

Here it is (although not my favourite version of this song - I still love it):

If more people got this kind of workout at church, America would be a much thinner place.