Friday, 4 September 2009

Smoke and Mirrors and Canadian Elections

John Ivison's piece in the National Post is my recommended reading of the day for Canadian voters. Here is a little sample:

Anyone who takes a dispassionate look at the numbers will come away wondering why the Liberal leader is trying to start a political war over an economy that could clearly be in much rougher shape. As Mr. Porter concluded: "Timely and appropriate policies prevented a Great Recession here."
There is no polling evidence to suggest that a sizeable segment of Canadians blame the Harper government for the global downturn or for its response to the crisis.
Why didn't Mr. Ignatieff simply bide his time until the Conservatives started to come apart at the seams, as all governments do, and let the prize come to him?
It suggests not only arrogance, impatience, vanity and vaulting ambition but, more worryingly, economic illiteracy in a man who would be Prime Minister.

Cozy up and read the whole thing.