Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Obama's credibility disappearing fast...

Sultan Knish has written an excellent piece discussing the rapid decline in President Obama's credibility. [Things are not looking so hot when the best thing he's done all week is call Kanye West a jacka**, and even that was supposed to be off the record. Anyway back to the Sultan...]

When Obama began his presidency many Americans were avid supporters, and some American were fiercely opposed. There was another large group of Americans who, even though they may not have voted for Obama, rode the wave of goodwill and wanted to give Obama a chance, despite having reservations. It is with this third group that Obama is rapidly losing credibility. The feelings of goodwill have all but disappeared. The administration is wrapped up in and surrounded by its own rhetoric, as the media echos White House talking points for anyone who will listen. This is one of their greatest mistakes. Nobody in the White House seems to grasp or understand how their actions are viewed by the American public.

Via Sultan Knish:
Yet the left is stuck in war mode, gleefully recycling their campaign tactics, without being able to realize that their campaign ended at the White House. Governing by attack may work in Venezuela or Russia, but that requires having your own secret police and being able to murder protesters and political dissidents. In a Democracy it simply makes you look shrill, incompetent, and yes controversial. And the public is less likely to support policies that are seen as controversial, and more likely to begin reading the fine print.

The Obama Administration has sought the authors of their own failure in some "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy", without grasping that the source of the stench of failure is in themselves. The Obama Administration squandered its credibility early and often, failing to connect with the concerns of the average voter, and using promises about jobs and the economy as window dressing for Van Jones' loony green jobs plan for destroying capitalism and as payoffs to contributors and supporters. And right when the public was most desperate for results, Obama and his Oompah Loompahs instead rolled out a massively expensive health care program that was exactly not what the American public wanted to deal with right now.
Read it all. It's worth it.