Thursday, 17 September 2009

Judge Goldstein slept through testimony from Israeli victims of Hamas rocket attacks

Gerald M. Steinberg's Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal illustrates the utter uselessness of the U.N's "fact finding mission" on Gaza. Steinberg points out many important flaws with the report including:

-Judge Goldstein was photographed sleeping during the testimony of Israeli victims of Hamas rocket attacks
-"The committee condemned every Israeli response to the 8,000 rockets fired by Hamas, but its recommendations did not include any steps to end this aggression."
-Not once is Hamas condemned in the report

These are but a few examples, click on the link above to read the full Op-Ed.

The most comprehensive round-up of information on the 'Goldstone Mission' and the blatant anti-Israel bias of those running it can be found at UN Watch.
Get something warm to drink, get comfy, read it all and be ready to defend Israel when you hear others treating this 'report' as credible.