Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Hundreds detained as police clear illegal immigrant camp in Calais

Most of my readers are North American - and friends if you have not heard of this story yet it is time to tune in. It is important.

Across the Channel in Calais there have been hundreds of illegal immigrants living in a shantytown for several years, hoping to one day sneak into England. News reports often refer to them as asylum seekers - but this is not really the case - as members of the British government themselves have said - if they actually qualified for asylum they would be here claiming it (it's not hard to do). Many of these people have been moved by the European equivalent of coyotes (human traffickers) to the shantytowns in Calais, and now many of them have disappeared so that they continue their quest to enter Britain illegally. The police are clearing this camp and arresting those who refuse to leave - good for them.

Of course the UN has been doing useless meddling in this case, as have a number of activist nutjobs who were there yesterday chanting: "No border, No nation, No Deportation". One woman visited the camps in the past, trying to "gain the trust" of those living in the "jungle" so she could report on their situation. Things did not end so well for her.

Apparently these illegal immigrants also want no laws: Omar, a 26 year old from Kabul told reporters "The police can try to stop us as much as they like, but nothing will stop us getting to England." So he said, just before he was arrested.

Let's review: Over in Calais there is a group of hundreds of mainly Muslim illegal immigrants, who are determined to get to the UK and flaunt all laws. They are being supported by activist nutcases who one could argue also do not care about laws, borders, or authority. The UN is meddling. The camp was allegedly run by human traffickers. French authorities disperse the camp and bulldoze it. Police arrest a few hundred illegals who refuse to leave. According to Le Monde, there were 700-800 people living in this camp - and only 278 were arrested, the others disappeared before the police got there. Disappeared to......?