Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Getting away....oh and Isreal and UK to boycott Ahmedinejad's UN speech

SquareMileWife will be away starting tonight. I will be back on Monday.
For some stimulating reading check out:
Jawa Report
Closet Conservative
Sultan Knish
Wall Street Journal

Important dates:
23 September - vote on CFPA
24 September - Ahmedinejad speech on UN - which Israel will boycott and British officials are now also saying they will walk out of
25 September - Islam on Capitol Hill

To do: If you are a woman and you live in London (UK)...why not swing by the Ahava store in Covent Garden this weekend to pick up some great skin care products. While you are in the area check out the brand new Bare Escentuals boutique (just opened last week, also in Covent Garden), which just opened and carries products otherwise only available in the States. Two of my favourite stores!

Have a great weekend everyone.