Saturday, 5 September 2009

AP Ignores family's wishes, publishes photo of dying soldier

The AP has published a photo of mortally wounded Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard, despite his father's request that the photo not be made public. Blackfive has a very detailed round-up of the whole situation here.

In a journal that she distributed to friends and colleagues, Julie Jacobson (the photographer who took the photo of Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard as he lay dying - with one of his legs blown off and the other badly injured) wrote this:

“I shot images that day well aware that those images could very possibly never see the light of day. In fact I was sure of it. But I still found myself recording them. To ignore a moment like that simply because of a phrase in section 8, paragraph 1 of some 10-page form would have been wrong. I was recording his pending death....."

Later in the same journal entry she wrote:
"I believe that is why I decided to send the photo in to the N.Y. desk despite what the media rules of engagement said, to start some conversation about it and hope that it will move out there."

(I have added my own bold).

I think those quotes speak for themselves.

Rest in peace Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard.