Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Ahava-thon shopping tips...

Just in case anyone has forgotten - this week is the Ahava-thon. Above I have posted a picture of what SMW likes to call the holy trinity of Ahava products. I love all of these.
The Purifying Mud Mask is great for deep cleaning your face - you can feel it working and it does not dry out your skin.
The Mineral Body Lotion is a great light feeling moisturizer. It has a rather ladylike smell so I would not recommend picking this up if you are a men - unless of course you are buying it for a woman!
Uplifting Butter Salt body scrub in Mandarin Cedarwood: If you were buying only one Ahava product I would tell you to get this one. It is absolutely incredible, feels completely luxurious and has the most soothing smell.
Now get out and Shop Ahava!