Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Whole Foods Boycott goes round and round...

Andrew Breitbart has written an interesting little piece on WholeFoodspalooza and the hyposcrisy of the left (I seem to be writing that phrase alot these days). If you don't know, John Mackey, founder and CEO of Whole Foods, wrote an op-ed slamming Obama's planned health care reforms and now he is the boogeyman and there is a massive boycott of Whole Foods.

Breitbart writes:
The Democratic leadership - and its friends in the mainstream media - seem determined to brand opposition to the president's legislative agenda as illegitimate, even racist in origin. Individuals and grass-roots organizations are helping the statists' cause by advocating boycotts and other means of stifling dissent.
The strategy is clear: Intimidate people from speaking up or from attending public protests by telegraphing that anyone can be made a demon for standing up and exercising basic, constitutional rights.
To call these people hypocrites would be a grave insult to those who fail to live up to their own standards. Liberalism has never been about establishing a universal standard. Liberalism is simply intellectual cover for those wanting to gain political power and increase the size of the state.

He ends the piece by saying in order to stand up to these "liberals" people should be going to the tea parties, health-care debates and shopping at Whole Foods. And this is where we differ.

The CEO of Whole Foods may be against socialist medicine, but Whole Foods is not the bastion of goodness that some people are now making it out to be. [Note: I do sometimes buy things at Whole Foods - used to shop there regularly but not anymore. Even though I love the store here because it reminds me of home, I now only go there to buy stuff I cannot get anywhere else in the UK.]

Think for a minute about the Whole Foods message and the people who would be drawn to it. Do you think your local Whole Foods would be frequented by people returning from a Tea Party, or from a Stop the War rally?

Aside from all the global warming is man made, organic is better broohaha that it peddles - Whole Foods carries the products of certain Palestinian companies that support terrorism. Debbie Schlussel has written extensively about this here and here.

Here in London, the Whole Foods flagship store is near the Israeli Embassy. During Operation Cast Lead I watched thousands of Jew hating protestors gather in front of the embassy, burning flags, carrying signs that said "Israeli Savages shoud be CAGED" and pretending to eat Palestinian babies while dressed up like a religious Jew. When people needed a break from their tiresome protesting guess where they went to eat: Whole Foods. (Some went to Starbucks too, before they smashed the store to pieces.) Sure, Whole Foods had extra security in place and would not allow protesters to bring their signage with them, but they trickled in with their keffiyehs and went upstairs to eat and discuss the evil Jews. I saw one employee use their breaktime to throw on their own keffiyeh, head outside and join the anti Israel masses, then come back in to finish their shift. I watched staff members exchange fist bumps with other protestors and encourage them to go out and continue protesting. Let me be clear, I am not saying Whole Foods should refuse entry or employment to people based on their political beliefs - what I am saying is I do not go to a grocery store to listen to its staff members encourage anti-semitic activity.

Let me close with this - before you make a beeline for Whole Foods because the CEO supports private health care make sure you have the Whole Picture.
Make an informed decision.