Thursday, 27 August 2009

What do you have to do to get the death penalty these days?

Letalvis Cobbins was sentenced to life in prison without parole in the brutal and gruesome torture slayings of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. As the parents say in the video below, the prosecution did not fail these victims - the jury did. Yesterday during the sentencing hearing Cobbins' relatives testified - and there were many crocodile tears - they "care" so much for Letalvis they did not even bother to wait around to hear what his sentence would be. In fact, most of them testified that despite a terrible childhood they managed to finish school and "make something" of themselves - something Cobbins could have done but instead he chose to carjack, rape and torture innocent people. Disgusting.

No witnesses were able to speak on Channon's behalf before she died. No family members were given the opportunity to help save her life. No mercy or compassion was shown to her. Instead after 24 hours of torture this beautiful girl who loved her family, her faith, her school and her friends, was hogtied, wrapped in plastic bags and stuffed into a trash can where she was left to die.

"She was a very loyal and loving friend, she loved her friends and would do anything for them. If they were sad or hurting she would be there to help them through, whatever they were needing she would take care of them and they would take care of her. She loved her brother Chase, she was so proud of him. She loved watching him play baseball.....they had a very special bond, almost like twins. They were only 17 months apart and only a year apart in school. ....When he went away to college they would talk on the phone all the time and every weekend that she could she would go visit him. She knew that he would always be there to watch out for her. She was daddy's little girl and mama's little peanut. We were so proud of her. She was a beautiful girl with a beautiful soul. She had so much love to give. She was compassionate and she loved life, and she would never hurt a soul. She would light up a room with her smile when she walked in the door. ....She was looking forward to graduating, she would have graduated in December of 2007.....She loved to go shopping, camping, four-wheeling, she loved the beach she loved going to the lake, she loved to golf and most of all she loved hanging out with her friends. ... Just like any young woman she would dream about her wedding. She had the song picked out for the dance with her daddy and for the dance with her husband. Now he will never get to walk her down the aisle, I will never be a mother of the bride and we will never get to go shopping for that perfect dress. She wanted four children, she wanted the first one to be a boy so the other three would have a big brother to watch over them the way Chase watched over her. ... I miss her. She was such a beautiful young woman, with a beautiful smile, gorgeous eyes. I miss her laugh. I still expect her to walk through the door. I pick up the phone to call her only to remember she can't answer the phone. ... She wasn't perfect, none of us are. But she made us all better for knowing her. I miss her and I love her."
-excerpt from Deena Christian's victim impact statement