Friday, 14 August 2009

"We love the NHS" campaign makes me feel sick

Guess what Americans: Britain hates you. Not the way Canadians "hate" Americans and have a few laughs at their expense, I am talking about a genuine belief that the USA represents all that is wrong with the world and that Americans are truly evil people. Now that some Americans are pointing out the flaws in Britain's health care system - it is the perfect excuse for all Britons to vent their deep hatred of the evil USA.

Yes Americans - you have hit a nerve. You see, on any regular news day you would find stories complaining about the NHS (which is a nightmare) printed in many British newspapers, but now that stupid Americans have pointed it out, it is suddenly the best health care system in the world. Everyone is rushing to tweet how great the NHS is. The Brits just can't handle that a country full of people so intellectually inferior to them would dare to question the quality of care at the NHS.

Make no mistake - this sudden outpouring of support for the NHS has almost nothing to do with the health care system in Britain - but it has everything to do with an irrational hatred of Americans.

Visit the website of any major British newspaper, read the comments relating to this story and you will see what I mean.