Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Update: Liver patient left hospital for a pint!

Sometimes I don't know why I even try to give people the benefit of doubt. After writing this earlier today, I am even more convinced that this kid has no right to a liver transplant and if he does get one it is truly a case of mercy.

Sky reports:
Still in his slippers, holding the needle of a drip in his hand and wearing his hospital name band, Garath Anderson tried to order a pint at the bar.
The 19 year old, who doctors say could have just two weeks to live, was recently transferred from Ulster Hospital near Belfast to a specialist liver unit at Kings College Hospital in London.
His father, Brian Anderson, is planning to launch a judicial review to try to overturn NHS
guidelines which mean his son has to be alcohol free for six months before he can get a liver transplant.
Staff at the Old Moat Inn opposite the Ulster Hospital in Dundonald revealed that last week they refused Garath's order, alerted the hospital and took him back.

Tell me again how it's not possible that your kid is an alcoholic...