Sunday, 30 August 2009

Putting my money where my mouth is....

On September 19th various groups (including Code Pink) are going to be targeting Ahava stores across the globe.

Some examples of what these protesters might be doing, as recommended by Code Pink:

Disrupting - Holding Banners, Doing Chants, Wearing Mud & Bikinis
Leafletting - handing out information to consumers, employees, etc.
Sticker-ing Products - Labeling products as made from occupied territories (be careful not to get caught) You can print on regular mailing labels “MADE BY ISRAELI PROFITEERS IN OCCUPIED PALESTINE”
Removing Products from Shelves - Placing items in carts or baskets and moving off shelves. Place in carts with leaflets. Or attempt to purchase and then "suddenly realize" that the products are made in occupied Palestine and refuse to buy.
Get creative!

We are going to fight back....and look good doing it.

Stay tuned for further details. Have your cash and credit cards ready.