Thursday, 27 August 2009

Nightmare in Toronto General Hospital

Some of you may read this story and find it hard to believe, but I assure you it is not. Fortunately I have never had a bad experience with Canadian health care (aside from one stupid doctor I don't count). I have always been the "lucky one" and had fabulous nurses and doctors whenever medical attention was needed. And that is the problem - getting great health care in Canada should not mean you are lucky.

Several years ago my grandma also had serious complications after major surgery. My grandpa drove her to the ER early in the morning where she spent several hours waiting for a triage nurse to look at her. Thank God that as she was sitting there the doctor who performed her surgery happened to be entering the hospital to start his shift, saw my grandma, knew something was terribly wrong, reamed out one of the nurses, grabbed my grandma in her wheel chair and whisked her away to start incubating her (yes that is how bad she was). I honestly do not know if my grandma would still be alive today were it not for this doctor.

There are many amazing, hard-working health care professionals in Canada, but they don't seem to be in the ER. The truth is that ERs across Canada, particularly in urban areas have become a disgrace and since tax dollars keep rolling in to fund the hospitals there is no incentive to fix them.

Read the story. It's not fiction.