Thursday, 6 August 2009

Great News: ID cards forged in 12 minutes and encoded with message for holder to be shot on sight

Oh yeah, and last year 3000 blank UK passports disappeared while in transit.

So there has been a great deal of fuss about the new National Identity Card that the British government is set to roll out next year to the tune of 5.4billionGBP. As an immigrant in the UK, I will likely be required to get one of these cards and it does not appeal to me at all. The card will be embedded with biometric data such as fingerprints and potentially iris scans. In an investigation conducted by The Daily Mail, a technowizard was able to clone one of the cards and encode a message in it that the cardholder was a terrorist who should be shot on sight. He did all this in 12 minutes.

But don't worry - the government says these cards are fraud proof.