Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Code Pink morons at Sephora.....

Over at Atlas Shrugs, Pamela has posted a video of Code Pink whackos protesting at a Sephora store in Paris. Code Pink is protesting because Sephora carries an Israeli cosmetic line, Ahava, and of course Israel and the Jews are the source of all evil in the world (at least if you ask the members of Code Pink). Watch the video. Similar protests have taken place at Sephora stores in the States. Code Pink makes me embarrassed to be a woman.

Ladies fire up the credit cards...it is time to go shopping!!
I have previously linked to Sephora on this site because I love their online shopping and home delivery service. Now I have reason to again. Buy Ahava. If you live in Europe, you can order Ahava products online from Sephora France. Would you like to see Ahava products available online at Sephora in North America? Contact Sephora and tell them how much you love Ahava products.

Because unlike the morons of Code Pink, here at Square Mile Wife we know that smart women like to have fun and look good.