Friday, 28 August 2009

Censorship in Germany: Multicultural Center removes panels showing Grand Mufti's role in the Holocaust

Hmmmmmm I wonder what would prompt them to do that?

Piening [Berlins' commissioner for integration and migration] told the large daily Tagesspiegel that, "We need, in a community like Neukölln, a differentiated presentation of the involvement of the Arabic world in the Second World War."
Zehden [spokeswoman for the Berlin Jewish community] termed his statement "an appeasement attempt" to ignore the fact that "there was no official resistance from the Arabic world against the persecution of Jews" during the Shoah.
Read the full story in the Jerusalem Post.
Heinz Buschkowsky, the district mayor in Neukölln, where the exhibit was originally planned, wrote, it is a sign of "anticipatory obedience to avoid probable protests. I do not consider this position to be good."

An uncensored version of the exhibit is now being shown at another gallery.