Thursday, 20 August 2009

Call To Action: Stop online terror sympathizers

I do not often post jihad related stuff, simply because I think there are many others who already do a great job. However, today I am making an exception.

Islamic Awakening Forum is a chat forum full of jihad supporters and terrorist sympathizers. On this forum threads praise suicide bombers, praise mother's who raise their children to be martyrs, threaten to execute a Professor who insulted the prohet, praise the killing of British troops, praise pro Al Qaeda groups, and boast that they have tried to harrass the family of a captive US soldier.
These are just a few examples of the vile material posted on the site.

Over at the Jawa Report, Howie has posted a full list of contact details for the company which provides web hosting services for this site: Rapid Switch. Rapid Switch is owned by Iomart, based in Glasgow.

Melt the phones. Fire off the emails.
Shut. Them. Down.