Wednesday, 12 August 2009

British judge faces inquiry after speaking the truth about Britain's immigration policies

While sentencing a Jamaican drug dealer, Judge Ian Trigger commented that the case was a reflection of Britain's ridiculous immigration system. [I highly recommend you read the link - it is full of interesting tidbits.] If you are familiar with the immigration system in Britain, you will know that it is a joke. The country has massive amounts of illegal immigrants, and everyone knows that if you need to extend your stay claiming asylum is your best bet. The great thing is if you have claimed asylum you are not entitled to work - so you can spend your day doing fun things like begging and standing around doing nothing (literally) for hours on end in Finsbury Park's Blackstock Road. If after waiting out the two year backlog, you are granted asylum you can start to work, but why bother when you can continue receiving government benefits?

Claiming asylum in Britain is not difficult. As the article mentions, a female drug dealer claimed she could not return to her country because she was a lesbian. Was she from the Middle East? Not quite, she was Jamaican. And yes, she was granted asylum.

Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that the immigration system in Britain is setup to make as much money as possible off hard working people who contribute massive amounts of tax dollars to the government's ridiculous welfare schemes. And they wonder why there is currently a mass exodus from this country.

I am having trouble deciding what is more ridiculous; Britain's immigration system, or the inquiry this judge is now facing because his comments "extended overtly into the political arena." Puleeze. It is true that some of his comments were quite political, but one can find case after case where judges have made decisions based on a political agenda.

Apparently having an agenda on the bench is alright in this country, but telling the truth about a broken immigration system is not.