Sunday, 23 August 2009

Boo. Hoo.

A blind grandmother is getting deported from Canada. So sad. Well, actually it is sad that this elderly woman who is blind will be removed from her family and forced to return to Poland, or face arrest. But guess what? She has been living illegally in Canada for ELEVEN years. And how did this happen? Well, she came to visit her kids and never left. Grandma claims that an immigration "specialist" told her to claim asylum. Shocker: she was not granted asylum. Frankly I think that shows at least some part of Canada's immigration system is working.

OK maybe grandma does not speak English, maybe grandma is not overly independent, maybe grandma is not aware of how immigration laws work. I don't care. Grandma was only 58 years old when she made her illegal voyage to Canada - doesn't sound so pitiful now does it? Grandma has kids who should have been looking after this stuff for her. People are saying this should not have happened and they are right. She should not have moved here illegally. She should not have stayed here illegally. Her kids should have looked after this for her.

Spare me the bleeding hearts. You've had eleven years to get this figured out.